Value adding processes that forms various raw materials into a finished good.

Process Capabilities:

Metal Inert Gas Welding

Shielded Metal Arc Welding

Flux-Cored Arc Welding

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

Metal Bending/Shearing/Punching

Material Capabilities:

Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel

Cast Metal



Available Equipment:

MIG Welding Machines up to 450 Amp

SMAW Welding Machines up to 600 Amp

FCAW Welding Machines up to 600 Amp

GTAW Welding Machines up to 300 Amp

CV/DC Aluminum Welding Machine

Horizontal and Vertical Welding Positioner

Multiform Bender

Iron-worker up to 100 ton.

Shearing Capacity up to 1/2" x 10'.